We offer workshops on a variety of topics both online and in person

What Workshops do we offer?

  • Computer Basics

  • Microsoft Word and Excel

  • Grade 12 Options

  • Money Management

  • Learn to be an Online Learner

  • Employment Soft Skills **COMING SOON**

New programs are being added regularly – check our Facebook page for what’s new! Contact us to discuss any other literacy based workshops – we are happy to develop one to fit your needs.

Microsoft Word and Excel

In partnership with the Learning Hub, NWALC is offering online MS Word and Excel courses with in-person support

  • learn to create documents and spreadsheets

  • build skills for work and school

  • online courses in level 1 and 2

  • available 24/7

  • with help from a literacy tutor by appointment in person and online!

Computer Basics

Our 6 week long course is for beginners. It introduces the basic concepts of using a computer with Windows 10, including:

- introduction to computers, components, using the mouse

- introduction to the Internet, basic searches, Internet safety

- how to use WordPad/Microsoft Word, save documents, print

- introduction to E-mail, set up an account, send & receive messages, send & open attachments

This program is offered in person. We are happy to work with your organization to deliver a program that supports the clients you serve.

This program is very popular and often has a wait list. Don’t wait to sign up!

Learn to be an online learner!

Are you interested in becoming an online learner but do not know where to start? Start with us!

We offer a free “Learn to be an online learner” workshop.

The workshop will cover

• online learning styles

• online learning platforms

• how to navigate around an online classroom

We will refer you to online learning opportunities and assist you with the registration process!

These workshops are online and can be tailored to fit your needs/schedule.

Money Management

Our Money Management Program is based on a program developed by Prosper Canada and consists of nine modules:

  • Exploring Our Relationship with Money

  • Income and Tax

  • Budgeting

  • Banking

  • Savings

  • Credit Basics

  • Credit Reporting

  • Debt

  • Consumerism (Wise Shopping)

This program is offered both online and in person and can be adapted to meet the needs of different individuals, groups and learning levels. We are happy to work with your organization to deliver a program that supports the clients you serve.

We will offer this program as long as we are able to, building partnerships and equipping others to deliver the same or similar programs.

Grade 12 Options

  • Complete a "Pathways to Grade 12" intake with us

  • Review your options so you can decide on the best path for you to take to reach your goals

  • We will help to get you set up with the program that is best suited to you and support you in your journey!


Pathways to Postsecondary Education

Are you thinking about going back to complete your Ontario Secondary School Diploma? There are many options and supports available to help you on your pathway to grade 12.

Call us to make an appointment at the learning centre to learn about your options and see how we can help.