Community Garden

Did you know that a Community Garden grows here?

Meet Louise, the eco-passionate manager of the community gardens hosted here. Louise also developed and facilitates the Eco & Climate Friendly Gardening Series which she will deliver this summer! For information about the gardens, contact us at the link shown below.

To register for any of the courses Louise offers, the link to her website is provided below.

Community Garden in the News!

Community garden manager, Louise Sherwood is interviewed on site by Stephen Parr from Your TV Niagara.


The Eco & Climate Friendly Food & Gardening Series

The Eco & Climate Friendly Gardening and Food Series shares simple ways to begin mitigating harm to ecosystems and to climate. You'll build knowledge and life skills to get gardening— growing good while having access to healthy, more affordable food.

It's not too late in the summer season to begin gardening and growing food. This course shares how to build the foundation of a healthy, productive and beautiful garden. You'll get in the know on how to nurture fertile soil and take care of water, seeds and plants—for food and for fun. This course shares what to plant now to produce food locally and seasonally, and be a part of mitigating climate change while you'll gain knowledge of how to create climate friendly garden ecosystems that produce food for many years to come.

Act quickly to book your spot!

Midsummer Vegetable Garden Planting

Saturday, July 9th - 10 am to 12:30 pm

Cool Weather Vegetable Garden Planting

Saturday, August 6th - 10 am to 12:30 pm

Fall Fruit Tree Guild Planting

Saturday, Sept 10th - 10 am to 12:30 pm

Being able to afford to eat healthy food each day is an added stress for one in five Canadians. Reducing this stress is as simple as knowing the process of how to grow and cook more food locally. This course shares the basics of the process showing you what you can grow and cook at home that is simple, delicious, inexpensive and eco and climate friendly! You'll enjoy lunch outdoors in the community garden and leave inspired, with recipes and a grocery list that makes knowing what to eat now healthier, more affordable and enjoyable!

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Making Seasonal Soup & Salad

Saturday, July 16th 2022 - 11 am to 1:30 pm

Making Fresh Tomato Pasta & Salad

Saturday, August 13th 2022 - 11 am to 1:30 pm

Making Kimchi & Kraut

Saturday, September 17th 2022 - 11 am to 1:30 pm

Many thanks to the Town of Lincoln Grow | Prosper | Belong Fund for their generous financial support for the marketing of the eco and climate friendly gardening series.