What people say about us........

From our Learners:


"The program that I did at the centre really inspired me to go back to school. It’s been an amazing journey. Thanks for your patience and advice every time I came in to see you guys. I am happy that the centre was there to provide much needed services at a time when I needed it most."  (A)

"Niagara West Adult Learning Centre is a great place that offers different programs and gives adults the opportunity to learn important life skills like reading and writing.  I have been attending the one on one tutoring with Donna, and sometimes Jacky, to help me achieve my goals.  My goals are improving my reading, writing and vocabulary, with the hope of moving up in my career.  I have seen improvement and hope to grow and expand my knowledge as time goes by.  I want to say thank you to staff and volunteers that work alongside students to help them succeed in life.  I also hope that one day the reading and writing programs are offered to children." (H)

From our Money Management programs:

"This is a very much needed class for many people. I am glad that it was offered to me and it was very helpful to me. I know many others will appreciate the class and Janet as an instructor."

"Looked forward to every evening, class was small but very helpful. Supportive classmates and instructor on my nights."

"This class is great for both those with little to no understanding of financial management, all the way up to people who have a fairly good understanding. There is something to learn for just about everyone. "

From our Tutors:

"Tutoring has offered me a rewarding and interesting chance to make a real difference within an individual’s life and also the community."


"Research studies show that volunteering can have a positive effect on a tutor’s physical and mental health. Studies also show that tutoring can help to lower ones blood pressure."


"In my time tutoring at the Niagara West Adult Learning Center, I have regained a sense of purpose in my post retirement years. Volunteering has helped me to gain more knowledge and an understanding of other cultures and ways of life."


"The amazing staff at the Niagara West Adult Learning Center makes it a joy to tutor in a supportive, unbiased and relaxed atmosphere. I can tailor my volunteer tutoring hours at the center, allowing both the learner and me to customize our timetables accordingly."


"My experience as a tutor has been a mutually beneficial relationship, in which the learner receives the benefits of learning, and I expand my knowledge through the effort involved in providing adequate explanations of the subject."