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Literacy Council of Niagara West

Community Development

The Literacy Council of Niagara West (LCNW) has implemented a number of programs that encourage families to develop and upgrade literacy, numeracy, essential skills, as well as provide access to computerized technology. Some of these programs are:
  • Read - Learn - Grow, a Niagara West family literacy program funded by the Niagara Prosperity Initiative
  • Carnegie Commons Partnership Project (Grimsby)
  • Niagara West Annual Community Literacy Event & Childrens Art Display (Niagara West)
  • Seniors use Eco-Friendly Totes to support a Learning Society in Niagara West (Niagara West)
The LCNW is always interested in developing new partnerships to support learners in Niagara West communities. Please contact us if you would be interested in working together on projects to benefit our communities.